A brief history...

The original concept for wilt arose several years ago when I was a vocalist for the eclectic death-metal band, Children. We would have these very bizarre sound breaks where echoing screams met droning guitars and soothing synthesizers and it was during these moments my curiosity was peaked for the potential of so-called "ambience". Needless to say the band broke up and everyone went their separate ways. I went away to school to study industrial design. During my years of study I began to search out ambient or experimental works. After stumbling upon the works of Steve Roach, Namanax, Merzbow and Augur I decided it was time to start creating again. So, I began my solo effort entitled, "wilt", after an early electronic media painting I had done. My sole intent was and is to explore, sonically, the   potential world of sound, whether that means noise, dark ambience, or sound sculptures, wilt is that which can be heard.


A flower, something idealistically associated with beauty, will die. This process of wilting is an aging towards death. The flower passes through shades of color to reach a final standstill, and it is at this point that most do not consider a flower, a flower anymore...but it is. A thing of decomposed beauty. A flower wilting seemed to be the perfect metaphor for what I feel wilt is. I utilize those sounds that may not seem commercially acceptable and turn them into [de] compositions.

Wilt is the sonic exploration of natural and unnatural sounds. The sounds of the living and of the dead. Wilt speaks them all.


Sincere gratitude and thanks goes out to the following people: Marlo, Steve Brand [augur], Vince [Manifold Records], Matt Gibney [the Rectrix], Scott Candey [Crionic Mind], Patrick [Self-Abuse/Solipsism], and all the former members of Children.


Thanks to all these bands and people for the incredible inspiration [in no particular order]: Augur, Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Merzbow, Aube, Gruntsplatter, LHD,         Namanax, Exit-13, disembowelment, Mr. Bungle, Swedish noise, Mike Patton, John Zorn, Soilent Green,Mortician, EHG, Hands to, Daniel Menche, radiohead, haters, fantomas, sonic youth, lull,     godflesh, isamu noguchi, gustav klimt, helmut    newton, elmer batters, pink floyd, john cage, kronos quartet, William S. Burroughs, Henry Miller, John Davies, O.B. Hardison, Jr., Albert Einstein, Raymond Loewy, Walter Gropius, Charles and Ray Eames,..........and to the future of thought and experience.


December 17, 2000:

The Black Box Aesthetic is now available from the Rectrix and should be distributed by a variety of others, more to come.

December 2000:

The black box aesthetic should be out by the end of December, contact the Rectrix for more information.

Also the split release with Augur from selfabuse/solipsism has been pushed back to early 2001 and the wither disc from crionic mind will be released in the spring of 2001.


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